STING and Septic shock:

When an infection starts inducing tissue damage, increasing levels of misplaced DNA material are detected through the STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) pathway. The STING pathway then promotes cytokine and chemokine release which in turn triggers an aberrant immune response, contributing to a self-harming chain reaction potentially leading to fatal sepsis. Idronoxil (Veyonda®’s active molecule) switches off STING’s capacity to trigger this excessive acute immunological response, therefore potentially reducing the occurrence of sepsis in infected patients.

STING and Cancer:

STING mediated production of cytokines and chemokines by cancer cells have been shown to stimulate cellular proliferation and survival, as well as promoting angiogenesis and overall resistance against therapeutic agents. Idronoxil blocks STING-associated resistance mechanisms and inflammation otherwise triggered upon treatment-induced DNA damage in cancer cells.

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