About Noxopharm

Noxopharm is an Australian clinical-stage publicly listed (ASX: NOX) drug development company which listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in August 2016. It was founded by one of Australia's pioneering cancer researchers, Dr Graham Kelly and was the third of four public companies founded by him. The fourth public company was Nyrada, Inc. (ASX:NYR), active in the areas of drug development for cardiovascular and neurological diseases which listed on the ASX in January 2020. Noxopharm is the major shareholder.

Noxopharm's lead drug candidate is called Veyonda®  (also known as NOX66) which is being developed as a treatment for cancer and has already advanced to phase 2 clinical trials.

As a cancer treatment, Veyonda® is a first-in-class, dual-acting oncotoxic and immuno-modulatory drug candidate designed to enhance the effectiveness and safety of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immuno-oncology therapy. 

At one level, Veyonda® enhances the cancer-killing effect of standard chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thereby enabling lower doses of these toxic therapies to be used. 

At another level, it seeks to activate the body’s immune cell function to infiltrate and attack those tumours that have survived the initial treatment.

Veyonda® appears to work across a broad spectrum of cancers. 

Our ultimate aim is to harness the body’s immune system to inflict damage on ALL cancer cells in the body, eradicating most, if not all cancer cells to produce long-term remission.


Veyonda® is currently not approved in Australia or any other country