About Pharmorage

About Pharmorage 

Pharmorage is a private company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Noxopharm Limited, which aims to capitalise on the anti-inflammatory properties of isoflavonoids to develop the next generation of drugs against inflammatory disorders, autoimmune diseases, and septic shock. https://www.pharmorage.com

Noxopharm’s subsidiary company Pharmorage was created in 2020, following the pre-clinical discovery that idronoxil (IDX), the active component of Veyonda®, could strongly block the Stimulator of Interferon Genes (STING) pathway. This pathway is involved in triggering the release of inflammatory molecules called cytokines upon detection of misplaced DNA in cells. This misplaced DNA can have viral or bacterial origins, or be self-DNA released after infection-induced tissue damage. An overactivation of this pathway is thought to be one of the phenomena causing cytokine storms, also mentioned as cytokine release syndrome (CRS), that is observed after infections such as COVID-19. In some cases, CRS can then lead to Sepsis and Septic shock, which causes around 10 million deaths each year globally.

Since the discovery of STING blockade by idronoxil, Pharmorage has been carrying out in-depth research with its collaborators at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research and the Australian National University, identifying specific molecular targets involved in conferring idronoxil its anti-inflammatory properties. At the end of 2020, Pharmorage and the Hudson Institute entered into a formal collaborative agreement, joining forces toward the development of new therapeutic drugs against inflammatory disorders.

With its first molecular targets identified, Pharmorage is now leveraging both Noxopharm’s isoflavonoid technology platform and the Hudson Institute’s expertise to develop the next generation of small molecules able to block a range of cellular inflammatory processes, creating the opportunity to treat patients suffering from a large range of conditions, from chronic inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases to acute inflammation events such as septic shock.

Veyonda® is currently not approved in Australia or any other country