About Veyonda®

Our lead drug Veyonda® is a novel proprietary formulation of idronoxil, a first-in-class, dual-acting oncotoxic and immuno-oncology molecule, also displaying unique anti-inflammatory properties.

The active ingredient in Veyonda® is the small molecule, idronoxil, under investigation for improving the effectiveness of immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment for a number of cancers.  There are also indications that Veyonda® may be effective in the treatment of sepsis in conditions such as COVID-19.

In cancer Veyonda® appears to have two actions, both directly killing cancer cells and working with the body’s immune system to destroy tumours, that is, as an immuno-oncology drug. 

Veyonda® is being studied in tandem with radiotherapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy for a range of cancer types, with the aim of increasing the number of cancer cells killed by those treatments.  

It has been observed in the laboratory that idronoxil, the active ingredient in Veyonda®, blocks the production of the inflammatory cytokines that can be responsible for excessive inflammatory response and the development of septic shock. 

Veyonda® has been studied in hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Europe to investigate whether Veyonda(r) can reduce an excessive inflammatory response and the development of severe COVID and the need for mechanical ventilation.


Veyonda® is currently not approved in Australia or any other country