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About Veyonda


Veyonda® – a different type of immuno-oncology drug 

Veyonda® works in tandem with chemotherapy and radiotherapy with the aim of increasing the number of cancer cells killed by those treatments. But then it goes one step further and acts as an immuno-oncology drug by switching on the body’s first-line immune defense mechanism. This is the main mechanism responsible for fighting cancer. 

What distinguishes Veyonda® as a cancer-fighting drug is that it works with, not against the body’s defenses against cancer. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are destructive treatments that, while certainly inflicting damage on cancer cells, unfortunately also damage the defense mechanisms that the body relies on to fight the cancer. The well-known increased susceptibility of cancer patients on chemotherapy to infections is part of this problem. 

The end result with standard chemotherapy and radiotherapy is a restricted anti-cancer effect because those treatments also have disabled the body’s defense mechanisms. 

The aim of Veyonda® is to work with chemotherapy and radiotherapy so that, instead of the first-line defense mechanism being switched OFF by those therapies, Veyonda® ensures that it is switched ON and primed to kill any cancer cells that survive the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

The innate immune system and cancer

The body’s first-line defense system is known as the innate immune system. In evolutionarily terms, this is a primitive defense system that all animals share and that normally is very effective at detecting and eradicating abnormal cells such as cancerous cells. The innate immune system comprises a special group of cells known as natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic (antigen-presenting) cells and specialist local lymphocytes. 

A cancer becomes established when the cancer cells disable or manage to overcome this front-line defense mechanism, using means that science is only now beginning to understand. 

Once this first-line function is blocked locally in the tissue where the cancer arises, that block then extends throughout the body, leaving the cancer cells free to spread wherever they want. 

If cancer is due to the body’s defense systems being disabled, then re-enabling those defense systems is now recognised as the most rationale way to fight cancer, certainly if we want a potentially curative outcome. 

We believe Veyonda® is a first-in-class activator of the innate immune system. This is the system that scientists increasingly are beginning to see must be activated if a cancer is to have any chance of being permanently eradicated.


The active ingredient in Veyonda® is the small molecule, idronoxil.

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