Our Science

Noxopharm’s drug technology platform revolves around its constantly growing library of isoflavonoid compounds and derivatives. Isoflavonoids display unique properties that make them particularly attractive as therapeutic agents.

  • These compounds show very favorable safety profiles, as shown by the various phase I trials conducted by the Company in various indications.
  • As molecules originally derived from natural sources, isoflavonoids can interact with a wide range of cellular targets, offering a unique opportunity to discover and/or understand in more depth novel or known signalling pathways.

This second feature of our compound has allowed Noxopharm to identify key cellular targets involved in a range of diseases, from cancers to chronic inflammation disorders. Based on that knowledge, our goal is to further modify and fine-tune our molecules to generate lead candidates with the desired target specificities and potencies to be successfully translated into the clinic.

At Noxopharm, we understand and embrace the versatility of the body’s metabolic mechanisms, governed by its GO and STOP controls. While one set of controls activates the function, another set serves as a brake to prevent it from exceeding its purpose. For this reason, when designing our compounds, we consider both single or multi-targeted approaches, taking advantage of their own inherent versatility to regulate and normalise these cellular pathways.

In that sense, we believe we offer a revolutionary angle to drug development, based on the innovative concept of what we define as 2-Dimensional drug action (multi-targeted approach) rather than only applying the more traditional, single targeted 1-Dimensional action.

The potential of this innovative approach is to offer safer and more effective treatments against a wide range of diseases such as, cancer, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune disease.  



Veyonda® is currently not approved in Australia or any other country