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Interactive 2020
Annual Report
Gisela Mautner

Dr Gisela Mautner

Chief Medical Officer

MD-PhD (TU-LMU Munich), MPH (Harvard), MBA (Kellogg), FACPE (Australia)

Dr Mautner brings a wealth of experience to her role as Chief Medical Officer, having held medical leadership roles in the pharma and biotech industry in the USA, Europe and Australia.  As a medical doctor, she is dedicated to making the lives of patients better, and as an industry advocate, she is excited by new developments in treatments that provide new hope to many people. 

In her early career she was a research scientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, USA and at the Kyoto Prefectural University in Kyoto, Japan. She transitioned to the pharma industry to focus on taking new drugs out of the lab and making them widely available to patients.  She has had many successes launching new products for Merck (MSD), Bayer and Amgen. She is proud of her leadership role in one of the most successful drug launches in Australia.

For the last decade her passion has been new therapies in oncology. Her interests encompass small molecules, biologics, gene-modified viruses and radiopharmaceuticals for many different cancer types and from early to late stage disease. She fuels her passion with the knowledge that her efforts improve the life of patients on a daily basis.  Balancing patient care and commercial interests has been part of her responsibilities as the medical lead throughout most of her career as well as directing the medical strategies and operations, budget management, compliance and staff performance in Medical Affairs Departments of multinational companies.

Dr Mautner has built and nurtured a broad network of medical doctors, especially oncologists in Australia and in the USA.  In addition, she is extensively connected to pharmaceutical professionals in Australia as well as in the USA through her work as the President of the Australian Association for medical and scientific Professionals in the Pharmaceutical industry (APPA) which has recently entered into a partnership with the US based Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS).

Having lived and worked in several countries, Dr Mautner is attuned to not only the commercial but also to cultural implications of launching new drugs in foreign territories. As Noxopharm negotiates its global journey, Dr Mautner’s language skills will be invaluable. She is fluent in English and German and has intermediary skills in Japanese and French.