Septic Shock

Frederick Bart

Non-Executive Chair

In 1985, Mr Bart was appointed the Managing Director of Textile Industries Australia The Group employed over 1,200 people and distributed product to many countries worldwide. The Company manufactured and distributed the majority of bed linen in Australia under brands like Sheridan and ACTIL The Company was sold in 1987.

In 1989, Mr Bart established and chairs a number of private companies under the umbrella of the Bart Group which covered hotels, retail, commercial and residential land development and technologies which still continue to operate. The Group today employs in excess of 1,000 people and is active in many local and overseas markets.

In 2001, Mr Bart became Chairman of Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited (ASX: EOS). Since that time it has grown to be one of Australia’s premier defence companies with activities in many countries worldwide employing over 400 people and is currently included in the S&P/ASX 300.

In September 2000, Mr Bart became a director and Chairman of Audio Pixels Holdings Limited (ASX: AKP). Audio Pixels is developing the first digital speaker in the world and currently has a market capitalisation of over $600m.

In 2013, Mr Bart became Chairman and majority shareholder of Immunovative Therapies Limited, a private Israeli company involved in the manufacture of vaccines for the treatment of certain forms of cancer. The Company has undertaken trials in both collateral and liver cancers.

In March 2018, Mr Bart joined the Board of Weebit Nano Limited (ASX: WBT). Weebit is a developer of memory technology (1,000 X faster, 1,000 X more energy efficient and 100X higher endurance) than existing flash memory technologies.

In May 2020, Mr Bart was appointed to the Board of Noxopharm Limited (ASX: NOX).

Graham Kelly

CEO and Managing Director

BSc (Vet) (Hons, BVSc (Hons), PhD

Graham graduated with degrees in Science (1968) and Veterinary Science (1969) from The University of Sydney. After graduation he joined the newly-formed Department of Transplant Surgery in the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Sydney, gaining a Doctor of Philosophy in 1972. The subject of his PhD thesis was the manufacture and use of a novel drug for the treatment of tissue rejection in kidney transplant recipients, with that drug subsequently being commercialised and used globally in kidney transplantation. Graham was appointed Senior Research Fellow in Experimental Surgery at The University of Sydney, contributing through research in the areas of organ recovery for transplantation and liver transplant surgery. The increased susceptibility of organ transplant recipients to malignant cancer eventually led Graham to focus on the causes of that phenomenon, and in turn, to the broader issue of the link between diet and the incidences of certain cancers. The latter area of research led to a research interest in dietary isoflavones and their role in human health.

Graham developed a theory that dietary isoflavones were metabolised within the body into novel chemicals that possessed important hormone-like functions, and as such made important contributions to human health. That theory provided the basis for Graham leaving academia and founding the company, Norvet Ltd, which listed on the ASX in 1994. That company subsequently changed its name to Novogen Ltd and listed in the US on NASDAQ (1998). Graham was variously CEO, Executive Chairman and an Executive Director of Novogen, 1994-2006. He also was Executive Chairman of Marshall Edwards Inc (MEI) which listed on London’s AIM exchange (2001) and NASDAQ (2003). MEI subsequently became MEI Pharma Inc. Graham resigned from his executive and Board positions at Novogen and MEI in 2006.

In early-2012, Graham addressed the matter of the transport of isoflavones in the blood of humans, conducting formulation studies in a private capacity that led shortly thereafter to the concept behind NOX66. After leaving Novogen in 2015, Graham established private biotechnology company Noxopharm Pty Ltd in order to commercialise NOX66 (Veyonda®).

Noxopharm Limited listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in August 2016.
Graham was also the founder of a fourth biotechnology company, Nyrada Inc. in September 2017. Nyrada (ASX:NYR) became a public company in January 2020. Nyrada is a drug development company with a focus on cardiovascular and traumatic brain injury treatments. Noxopharm is currently the major shareholder.

Peter Marks

Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chairman

B.Econ; LL.B; Grad Dip. Comm.Law;  (all Monash Univ.) MBA (Scottish Business School, Edinburgh)

Peter has over 35 years’ experience in corporate advisory, and investment banking. Over the course of his long career, he has specialised in capital raising IPO's, cross border, M&A transactions, corporate underwriting and venture capital transactions for companies in Australia, the US and Israel. He has been involved in a broad range of transactions with a special focus in the life sciences, biotechnology, medical technology and high tech segments. Peter has served as both an Executive and Non-Executive Director of a number of different entities which have been listed on the ASX, Nasdaq and AIM markets.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law from Monash University, Australia. He also holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Alterity Therapeutics Limited (ASX: ATH) - since 29 July 2005  (formerly known as Prana Biotechnology Limited), Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) (May 2015 – March 2020), Elsight Limited (ASX: ELS) since 9 January 2020 and Nyrada Inc. (ASX:NYR) since 16 January 2020.

Boris Patkin

Non-Executive Director

BSc (Industrial Chem) MeSAFAA

Boris brings comprehensive market knowledge, thorough research and years of experience in investment markets & Business Consulting.

Boris’s experience lends itself to Financial & Investment advising but also as a business consultant to further enhance business opportunities in Medical technology & in sourcing other opportunities to enhance investments. Boris has worked extensively with Israeli companies to explore various opportunities in the Medical & disruptive technology space.

Boris has developed an in-depth understanding of industry trends and gained valuable insight into domestic and international markets. Boris has specialised in reconstruction of Companies, Investments &International trade

Boris has completed a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry). Currently a member of MeSAFAA & an Authorised Representative with Morgans Financial Ltd.

David Franks

Company Secretary

B.Ec ( Finance and Accounting)

David is a Director and Principal of the Automic Group. He is a Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia, Justice of Peace and Registered Tax Agent, with over 20 years’ experience as a Director and Company Secretary of numerous publicly listed entities. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Finance and Accounting) from Macquarie University. David is an experienced Company Secretary and Director of listed and unlisted public companies and is currently Company Secretary for the following ASX listed public companies: Aumake Limited, COG Financial Services Limited, Cogstate Limited, JCurve Solutions Limited, IXUP Limited, Noxopharm Limited, Nyrada Inc, White Energy Company Limited and ZIP Co Limited.

Dr Gisela Mautner

Chief Medical Officer

MD-PhD (TU-LMU Munich), MPH (Harvard), MBA (Kellogg), FACPE (Australia)

Dr Mautner brings a wealth of experience to her role as Chief Medical Officer, having held medical leadership roles in the pharma and biotech industry in the USA, Europe and Australia.  As a medical doctor, she is dedicated to making the lives of patients better, and as an industry advocate, she is excited by new developments in treatments that provide new hope to many people. 

In her early career she was a research scientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, USA and at the Kyoto Prefectural University in Kyoto, Japan. She transitioned to the pharma industry to focus on taking new drugs out of the lab and making them widely available to patients.  She has had many successes launching new products for Merck (MSD), Bayer and Amgen. She is proud of her leadership role in one of the most successful drug launches in Australia.

For the last decade her passion has been new therapies in oncology. Her interests encompass small molecules, biologics, gene-modified viruses and radiopharmaceuticals for many different cancer types and from early to late stage disease. She fuels her passion with the knowledge that her efforts improve the life of patients on a daily basis.  Balancing patient care and commercial interests has been part of her responsibilities as the medical lead throughout most of her career as well as directing the medical strategies and operations, budget management, compliance and staff performance in Medical Affairs Departments of multinational companies.

Dr Mautner has built and nurtured a broad network of medical doctors, especially oncologists in Australia and in the USA.  In addition, she is extensively connected to pharmaceutical professionals in Australia as well as in the USA through her work as the President of the Australian Association for medical and scientific Professionals in the Pharmaceutical industry (APPA) which has recently entered into a partnership with the US based Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS).

Having lived and worked in several countries, Dr Mautner is attuned to not only the commercial but also to cultural implications of launching new drugs in foreign territories. As Noxopharm negotiates its global journey, Dr Mautner’s language skills will be invaluable. She is fluent in English and German and has intermediary skills in Japanese and French.

Jeanette Bell

Chief Operating Officer

BMedSc, MScM

Jeanette joined Noxopharm in 2019, with over 30 years’ experience in the private, public and corporate healthcare sectors. This included 15 years with Lilly Pharmaceuticals in positions spanning Clinical Research, Clinical Portfolio Management, Medical Affairs, Medical and Commercial Operations, Drug Development, Sales and Marketing settings and Launch Excellence Management. Through these diverse tenures, Jeanette developed a deep understanding on the mechanisms (and challenges) associated with progressing assets through the drug development pipeline to market.

The opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry to hold leadership positions across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia Pacific (mid-size countries) China, and Japan - has afforded Jeanette deep insights into the intricate strategic frameworks required to deliver a strategic vision across multiple regions and stakeholder groups.

As Chief Operating Officer at Noxopharm, Jeanette is tasked to implement an operations framework to deliver the Clinical Development Plan. This includes creating processes for strategic planning and prioritization of projects, resourcing of projects, vendor management, and the implementation of systems and processes for Quality Assurance and Data Risk Management. Jeanette is also involved in Business Development activities for Noxopharm.

Jeanette holds Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc) and Master of Science Management (MScM) degrees and operations related qualifications in Portfolio Management (PMO) and Six Sigma Methodologies.

Olivier Laczka

Group Chief Scientific Officer

BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Laczka obtained a PhD in Biotechnology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain, in 2009, after completing a master’s degree in applied biotechnology and microbiology and a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences in France. For the first part of his career, Olivier conducted research as an academic, in Spain and Australia, where he was able to successfully develop diagnostic tools toward a wide range of applications, going from medical and food diagnostics to both terrestrial and marine monitoring devices, generating over 25 peer-reviewed research articles and a patent. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, which enabled him to carry out extensive independent research on the development of novel methods toward the detection of human pathogens.

Dr Laczka’s expertise covers an extensive range of technical skills in microscopy, chemical, electrochemical and optical methods, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, and molecular biology. In 2015, he joined the Biopharmaceutical industry as a senior research scientist, where he successfully managed and completed therapeutic drug development projects within GLP and cGMP environments, following the current regulatory requirements for early stages of drug development. Dr Laczka’s multidisciplinary background allows him to drive projects covering a wide range of technologies and indications. Throughout his career, Olivier has developed an extensive experience in people and project management, as well as interacting with academic, government, and private entities or individuals, at the international level. His scientific writing experience has also allowed him to attract significant amounts of research funding over the years, through collaborations and partnerships with private entities and government organizations.

Shawn Van Boheemen

Chief Financial Officer


Shawn has 30 years' experience in commercial finance leadership positions across a range of manufacturing, service based and financial services industries. He has worked in senior financial positions for a number of both Australian and multinational organisations, including Covance, Unomedical, M.D. Sass and New York Life Insurance. Shawn has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting and Commercial Law, a Master of Commerce Degree with a major in Accounting, is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants and Justice of the Peace in NSW.  Shawn has experience in the contract research and medical devices industries, along with printing/packaging, software and investment management.  His responsibilities have included a number of company secretarial positions, head of compliance, head of information technology, administration and human resources, warehousing and inventory management.

Shawn has experience with both Australian ASX and ASIC reporting, SEC reporting in the U.S., compliance and regulatory affairs matters, intellectual property protection and regulatory and financial reporting both in Australia and the U.S. He spent three years in a global software company as an analyst and Asia Pacific business development manager to further broaden his commercial skillset. He joined Noxopharm Limited in March 2019 and brings a wide range of commercial and financial skills to the organisation.

John Wilkinson

Chief Technical Officer

BSc Hons, PhD

John brings over 30 years of experience from both pharmaceutical and research settings in Australia and the United Kingdom, with a focus on the development of small molecules to target viruses and cancer. 

John graduated from the University of Portsmouth (BSc Hons) in 1988 and took up a position at the Wellcome Research Laboratories in England and subsequently completed a PhD in HIV-1 Immunovirology from the University of NSW.  An early career in academia, with post-doctoral positions at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and Imperial College London in the UK, were followed with an appointment at the Westmead Millennium Institute as a Senior Scientist. His research interests during this time included Drug Discovery and Drug Development, Virology, Oncology and Immunology, translating novel laboratory findings into human clinical trials that resulted in numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations at both national and international conferences.  Prior to joining Noxopharm, John was the Chief Scientific Officer at Biotron Limited, where he was responsible for the oversight of Biotron's antiviral programs and instrumental in the HIV-1 clinical programs. 

At Noxopharm, John will manage the drug manufacture and supply, support the drug development of novel molecules arising from the company’s drug pipeline, in addition to providing regulatory and clinical support across Noxopharm’s clinical portfolio.